Here There Be Spoilers: 4

If you’re new here, you’ll likely want to start with Here There Be Spoilers: 1.

The dawn of the final week! This Wednesday night at midnight, Halloween (mostly) ends and writing begins! This year I’m going to try typing instead of handwriting, and I’m a little nervous about it. But I’m also hopeful that I’ll write faster, be able to track my words more accurately, and be able to make changes and additions easier.

Because my brain is not an especially tidy place and because making tidy blog posts takes time away from brainstorming and note-taking, this post is going to be some random assorted notes that I think might be of interest to those following along at home.

  • The character previously referred to as Child now has a name! She’ll be called Bee, short for Beatrix, which I stole from Beatrix Potter.
  • The main character, so far noted as MC, is sadly still MC. I’ve got a long list of names and a secret Pinterest board with photo references, but nothing has stuck thus far. I’m contemplating making her initials MC and also making the initials of all of my main characters MC and having that be my quirk as a writer. I suspect this is a terrible idea.
  • MC is a lesbian. Representation is important. I want to show at the beginning that she has positive casual relationships with several local women, and I’ve written in an actual love interest for when she has grown and changed enough to want a relationship. The love interest is named Prue and I already think she’s delightful.
  • I learned that terraforming a planet to the point that no oxygen masks are required might take 100,000 years, so I’ve opted instead to have the colony on a habitable but initially mostly lifeless planet, which requires a much shorter prep time.
  • In BIG NEWS, one of the reasons MC is chased throughout the book is that one of the packages she was carrying at the time she fled her home is super important to someone. I’m wavering between having it be a book with a convoluted Earth history or having it be the meeting time and place for the spaceship that appears at the end of the book. Either way, there’s now a convoluted Earth history that will make an appearance and for which I get to write passages.
  • I’ve decided that the colony exists because of an elderly billionaire who decided it was imperative for humans to move into the universe and also for them to avoid many of the problems that existed on Earth (no plastic!). I’ve got a ton of ideas circling on this front, but two especially interesting bits are that 1) he did NOT, apparently, see economic inequality as a problem that needed solving and 2) he’s definitely on the planet somewhere, wandering around without anyone knowing who he is. I suspect he will make an appearance in the novel. Keep your eyes open.

The next post will likely be a discussion of things I love in novels, why I love them, and some hints at how some of them might be incorporated into this novel. I’m actually really excited about this one, and I can’t wait to share it. Stay tuned!


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