What even is a Girl Mondegreen? Well, like most things I unexpectedly find myself in the middle of, it’s a mashup.

For a definition of Girl Friday, we turn to the ever-classy Urban Dictionary:

A ‘go to’ girl; a female who will help you get things taken care of; a female you can rely on when you are in need of extra assistance; a female who acts as a ‘jack of all trades’ and is capable of doing almost anything; a girl you can count on when you are overwhelmed with your own chores and the duties must be done; a girl who does most of the leg work on a project, but never takes (or gets) credit.

Lady Mondegreen is my absolute favorite misheard lyric of all time. The ballad it comes from, The Bonnie Earl o’Moray, begins as follows:

Ye Highlands and ye Lawlands,

Oh where have you been?

They have slain the Earl o’ Moray

And layd him on the green.

The misheard lyric bit comes in when people thought the actual line was “They have slain the Earl o’Murray and Lady Mondegreen.” Poor Lady Mondegreen! She doesn’t even exist and they’ve gone and slain her. The term Mondegreen now describes misheard lyrics in general, including the ever-popular “excuse me while I kiss this guy” and “pour some shook up Ramen.”

So, with that out of the way, what *is* Girl Mondegreen, other than a fabulous mashup? Well, it’s a place for your very own Jill of All Trades and Master of Misunderstandings to share art, discuss the life of an anxious artist with a flair for the inappropriate, inform on a variety of topics, and learn about the world. Expect cats, feminism, sex positivity, literature, photography, terrible watercolors, and travel. Expect the unexpected.

You can always contact me at girl @ girlmondegreen.blog. I’m open to post ideas, feedback, questions, hate mail, and rickrolling. Please be aware that all hate mail and personal attacks are fair game to be posted and discussed on Girl Mondegreen